A snifter and bottle of North Coast Old Rasputin

Happy International Stout Day!

In a day and age where every beer style seems to have it’s own designated day, November 8th is one of the best days of them all: International Stout Day. And wouldn’t you know it, it lands on a Friday this year to boot! If a midweek beer isn’t your thing, then consider today your lucky day.

Stout happens to be one of my favorite styles of beer. In fact, it’s one of my top 3 desert island styles (I smell a future blog post coming on). From the roasty chocolate malts to the bitter coffee notes to the thick, luxurious mouthfeel – there is nothing finer on a cold dark night to kick back with than a massive imperial stout.

Make sure you check into a stout on Untappd before midnight tonight for a special badge. While you’re at it look me up and toast with me. You’ll find me under my username: colinkoop.

Off to the fridge with you! Find a stout that you’ve been saving for a special occasion, or a stout you’ve been eyeing up at your local bottle shop, or knock back a pint of a familiar favorite at your local pub. Better yet, do them all! No matter how you do it, embrace the dark side… even if it’s just for tonight.

So what stout are you going to be drinking tonight?


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